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How Shipping Works?

 Normally, if you want to make purchases from three (3) separate stores like Amazon, Ebay or Walmart, you’ll pay three (3) separate shipping cost. 

Now, you can join our Shop and Ship program totally “free” that will save you upto 80% in shipping cost to your country, after joining will provide you your personal US address and mailbox for you to ship  your packagers at your US address. 

When your packagers arrives will accept and stored your packagers in your secured mailbox and you get notify when your packers arrives, when you finish shopping just let us know and will pack all your three (3) packagers into one (1) shipping box shipped to your country and you’ll save upto 80% in shipping cost.

Secondly, our warehouse is located in Oregon which is a tax free state which you pay 0% taxes when making purchases at US stores, so you should take that advantage by getting all your packagers sent to your personal US address.